Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Home. Haven. Nest. Refuge.

Today my maternal grandparents moved from their home of 40+ years.  Since Christmas, they have been looking for an assisted living facility that meets their needs & makes them happy.  They finally found a place a couple of months ago.  The wheels were then set in motion for them to put their house on the market & pack up to move.

While I was in TN earlier this month, I got to spend alot of time at their house with them.  I got to help my Murr go through dishes, sort through the attic & decide what to take to their new home.  About 2 days into the process, I realized how blessed I was.  I know most people had to do all the sorting, cleaning & selling after their grandmother passed away.  Not me.  Murr was right there beside the whole time.  I got to hear about the time that she & Grandpa picked out the same platter from an antique shop...on separate visits!  Or the time she went all the way to Japan looking for a new set of dishes, but ended up buying the set she had her eye on at home.

May 15.  I almost feel like someone has died.  Their house means more to me than my childhood home ever could.  Not that I didn't have a wonderful house or love growing up there, but there was something magical about 5042 Lakeview Drive.  Easter egg hunts.  Snacks under the arbor.  Picnics on the patio.  Eating chocolate bars out of Murr's "secret" hiding place.  Being sprayed from head to toe so the "chiggers" wouldn't bite us.  Popcicles melting down my arm on a hot summer night.  Sitting in my grandpa's lap on his riding lawnmower.  Hours & hours under the "Fun Fountain" water toy.  I could go on and on.

Thank you Josh and Millie
for sharing Lakeview with us, and
giving my mind a place I can always run home to.

5042 Lakeview Drive
The back patio (notice they are both eating popsicles!)

Murr & Gideon having one last snack

"Super Duper" grandpa sorting through an old cheese box from his shed