Saturday, March 9, 2013


I must confess.  I have a love affair with something that is not my husband.  (Chocolate doesn't count!).  I love the mountains!

I have always loved the mountains.  I come by it naturally.  My mother has a love affair with Colorado & the Rockies, so I know that some of that rubbed off on me.  I grew up in the hills of TN, but they are nothing compared to what is here in the Northwest.

The Cascades (from our recent trip to Leavenworth)

Since moving to Seattle, I have been obsessed with the those mountains.  I will ignore my boys, interrupt conversations, and nearly drive off the road just to look at them.  I STILL gasp every time that I see Mt. Rainier.  It is truly awesome.  It is just this HUGE, snow-covered rock that demands attention.  It's visible for hundreds of miles.  It's on our license plate for Pete's sake!

Rainier in the background of the Space Needle (not my photo)

Besides Mt. Rainier, we have the Olympic Mts. & the Casade Mts. flanking us on the west & east, respectively.  After turning out of our apartments onto North Road, our street immediately runs into a major road called 164th.  While sitting at the stoplight there, I can look to the east and see the Cascades.  Then when I turn west onto to 164th and head up the hill, I can see the Olympics.  So hypothetically (if the clouds weren't constantly there), I could see 2 mountain ranges every day; just on my way to the grocery.  See?!  Can you blame me for being a little obsessed?

I'm not the only one suffering from MO (mountain obsession), though.  Who can forget that the "hills are alive" as Maria sang about them in The Sound of Music?  Songs and poems have been written about them.  Men die just trying to reach the top of some.  They are a wonder to behold.  I am amazed how my fellow Seattlelites can look to those mountains every day & not wonder who created them.  And how they cannot want to know more about that Creator.  Because when I see them I just want to break out in song.
"Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.  Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice like the great deep."  Psalm 36:5

Last look when leaving the Cascades back towards Seattle