Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'll take snow over rain any day, but SIX days?!  Yep.  We are on day # 6 of off and on snow.  And between the power going out & my three hoodlums blessings from above, I can't seem to get a decent blog written.  So I've decided to start this morning & just type what I can, when I can.  So if the following sentences sound like the ramblings of a half-insane person, rest assured, that's exactly what they are.
My boys climbing a tree in the field across from our church

I love snow.  Really.  I like to play in it, look at it, take pictures in it and of it, and listen to songs about it.  But when you add kids into the mix, it's a whole different ball game.  There is a "Family Circus" comic strip of the kids in the family running inside & screaming "It's snowing!".  All the children are shown having these visions of all the fun that snow will bring (sledding, snowmen, snowballs, etc.)  The mom?  Her vision is of putting on snow bibs, pulling off wet snow boots & doing extra loads of laundry.  That's how I feel right about now.  As much as I need to get out of the house at least once a day this week, I inevitibly know that's what the outing will bring.

Our church (notice how snow covered Larch Way in front of the church is!)

I know that this snow is unusual for Seattle, which does make it alot like TN.  "Big snows" are few and far between both here and there.  The main difference, that I can tell, is the temperature.  In Tennessee, it could snow on Monday and be totally melted by Wednesday.  The temperature fluxuates in such a short time period there (hence all the tornados).  In Seattle, it's 32° today, 33° tomorrow & 40° the next.  Drivers in Seattle & Tennessee (myself included, right Ang?) are the same, though.  They can't handle the snowy roads!!  Everybody that didn't go get their bread/milk/eggs HAS to get out in the snow & will, mostly definitely, end up in the ditch.

The view from our living room

It's 3:15 and still snowing.  The weathermen reported that it was supposed to stop snowing YESTERDAY at noon.  I guess they forgot who's still really in charge of it all. The God of Wonders who created the weather.

Same field as from above.  I ♥ snow pictures!!!

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  1. I totally agree with you.....I remember those days when Allyson and Brian were young. We never knew who would show up for a meal, tromping in snow and everything that goes along with it. Ray reburbished their sleds for Christmas this year, they look brand new. I'm sure they won't hold up under their weight now. LOL!!! Love looking at your pictures and reading your blogs.