Thursday, May 2, 2013

TGIT (Thank Goodness it's Thursday)

Thursdays are "date night" for Jason & I.  We don't get to go out every week, but most weeks we do.  We started having regular date night a little over a year ago.  We had been in Seattle around 9 months, and we knew something had to change.  We were getting burnt out & needed some time to be alone, just the two of us. 

Since we don't have family here & no one that we could regularly dump the boys with, the search for the babysitter began.  That is a story in itself, but we ended up finding Maxine.  She is definitely a godsend and so good with the boys.  We are so thankful to have her!

Our dates are usually to whatever restaurant we have a gift certificate or Groupon to, but the weather dictated our adventure tonight.  The weather has been so wonderful this week, that we decided to go bike riding.  Jason found a bike trail that's about 10 miles away.  What a find!


The Burke-Gilman (bike) trail is my new favorite.  The paved path curves around the northwest shore of Lake Washington.  While Jason watched the trail and other bikers, I gawked at all the lake houses we passed.  Not to mention the views of Mt. Rainier!  We passed, I mean were passed, by dozens and dozens of bikers.  It reminded me of why people move to Seattle; why we put up with rain 9 months of the year; why the NW is so wonderful.  Like I said, my new favorite. :-)

Me in my awesome helmet & sick, tricked-out ride

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  1. Value of date night. Our current goal is once a month. So important and makes us better parents. Seeing the northwest is on my bucket list. :)