Friday, June 28, 2013

Free is never, well you know, free

I'm such a wonderful mother.  I had great (FREE) plans for the boys & I to do today.  I saw an ad months ago for "Free Friday Playdate" at the Seattle Children's Playgarden on June 28th.  It looked interesting, new & most importantly, free.  Free parking even!  I found a park nearby the SCP that had a new spray water feature & had it all planned out.  So when the weather girl promised a hot & beautiful day today, we were off.

(Pre-catastrophe; notice the bunny riding the bike!)
The SCP really was a neat experience.  There were spots for the boys to dig with shovels & hoes, a nice little playground, water feature, bunnies & ducks, and flowers & plants blooming everywhere.

We grabbed lunch & had a picnic at the aforementioned neighborhood park.  The boys changed into their swimsuits and were off to the spray features.  It was sooo hot (80°) and the boys loved the cool water.  There is a playground right beside the spray park, so after they tired of it, we went to play on the playground. 

Luke & Jonah were chasing each other & Luke jumped off the top of the twirly slide, like he's done a hundred times before.  (Now, unless you have multiple boys, it's going to be hard to understand.  The phrase "boys will be boys" is just so true.  They just want to climb, jump, throw, and kick everything that comes their way.  I'm not even going to begin to tell you about the tree that they climb up 2 stories high at one park...ooops.)

Anyway, I think his slippery Crocs messed up his take off from the slide & made him land awkwardly.  He cried pretty significantly & I helped him up.  He wasn't bleeding and no bones were sticking out, so like the good mother I am, I made him go back to the spray park and wash all the wood chips off.  (What?!?  You would have made him do the same thing!)  He was still crying, which is not normal for him, and I knew something was wrong.  Jason met us at the dr & had the hard job of watching Luke get the painful x-ray & usual probing.  He'll get a cast next week and yes, will most likely not get to swim the majority of the summer.

So my wonderful free plans will most likely end up costly us hundreds of dollars.  Like I said, aren't I a wonderful mother?

(What Luke is doing right now; after Jonah's incident, he couldn't wait for his turn to stay up late & eat ice cream)


  1. Oh no! Been there, done that (broken leg...not arm) BUT they make this super cool cast cover that you can slip on AND off so he can swim this summer! Totally worth the money! I would hate for y'all to burn up this summer (heat index was 115 today...just sayin'). Miss you!

  2. Tiffany is right. I have heard of such a thing. That would be great. Did the doctor say it was a Salter fracture of the distal radius? Melissa YOU ARE A WONDERFUL MOTHER! Sounds like they had a fun time! It was an accident!

  3. Reminds me of when Josh sprained his ankle on the trampoline at phoebe's 1st birthday. Next thing you know he's got a soft cast wrap, and crawling commando around the house like a baby because he can't walk. We did give him a Thomas the train whistle which he used when he needed should give Luke some sort of indicator before he starts sounding like Will Farrell from Wedding Crashers (Not sure if that's an acceptable movie for you folk) when he says maaa...where's the meatloaf...maaa...the meatloaf.

    Give that little big man hugs from CT and sign his cast for us!