Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I fell in love with the movie, The Blind Side, like most everyone did, last year.  Immediately after watching it, I got on the Internet looking for kids to adopt. :-)  My family would whole-heartedly agree with this fact because I've been talking about it since I was a little girl.

I regularly have this conversation with friends & acquaintances that goes something like this:  Them:  "Wow!  Three boys.  Are you going to have any more/try for a girl?"  Me:  "Yes, eventually.  We'd like to adopt sisters."

This past weekend, we got to do just that.  Without going into too much sensitive detail, we had the honor of having our teenage neighbor girls move in with us.  Today, because of those aforementioned details, they are leaving us.

I'm not sure why this happened now, just days before us moving, but I'm counting on God and his timing.  All I can feel now is broken-heartedness.  Please pray for these girls & our family.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  Romans 8:28


  1. Melissa, God doesn't do anything by accident, so you never know how He is using you in these girls' lives today! They are beautiful girls, and no matter where you are, they will always carry the love in their hearts that you have shown them in these past few days!! Praying for your broken heart and for your family during these tender days!! Love, Tricia and Keith

  2. One more thing you are leaving. I'm so sorry, Melissa.

  3. Melissa, I am so sorry this happened. Having gone through 4 failed adoptions before Adelaide, I can say I know how badly it hurts. Hang in there, because you and I know God has a wonderful plan. ...just look at what He brought us with Adelaide. Your "grown in your heart" children will come. :-) ((((Hugs!!!))))

    Lee Anne