Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I know many of you have asked what's happening when, so here's the latest.  All prayers for productivity, sanity, comfort for the boys & scheduling are much appreciated. :-)

(Sunday, May 22nd):  Jason's last Sunday @ BBC
(Monday, May 23rd):  Jason's last day of work @ BBC
Tuesday, May 24th:  PACKING like crazy!!!  Boys taken care of by friends @ Ashley's
Wednesday, May 25th:  Mom takes boys to Nashville, Moving Van arrives at 9 A.M.  (Ahhhh!)
Thursday, May 26th:  Clean, paint, clean some more
Friday, May 27th:  One last yard sale?, M & J to Nashville
Saturday-Tuesday:  In Nashville
Wednesday, June 1st:  fly to Seattle
Wed-?:  stay with Nicolle & Mike
Sunday, June 5th:  1st Sunday @ MLB

So there's the quick version of our life for the next week & a half.  (Audible sigh).


  1. All of us are very excited for your arrival. You are in our prayers!!

  2. WOW!! It's almost time!! Take a deep breath, and know that we are all filled with open hearts and open homes for your arrival in Lynnwood!! Hugs and prayers for these next few days!! Keith and Tricia

  3. You are going to be fine! Wait and watch God do His thing! He is Mighty, isn't He? Mighty enough to move you with ease, Mighty enough to erase your fear of the unknown, Mighty enough to open your heart to love every minute of your new life in Seattle. He has life abundant waiting for you! I will miss you! But I am always here and you are always in my heart! --Alecia West

  4. Amended shedule: moving van is supposed to come on Saturday am.

  5. Hey Melissa. There are just so many ways to keep in touch. I have been praying for you guys all day while you are traveling. We love you!