Friday, May 13, 2011

Just Breathe

I think I'm like not unlike much of Generation X in that many of my thoughts contain movie/song quotes.  Just the other day, Gideon tried to help me with the laundry by picking up my bleach pen.  Instead of saying "No" or "Leave that alone", I started singing McHammer's "Can't Touch This." (

So it should be no surprise that the thought that is playing over and over in my head right now is actually a quote from a movie.  At the climatic moment in the Cinderella movie "Ever After"  ( , Drew Barrymore thinks aloud "Just breathe."

Here are some examples of the past few weeks when I have been to the point of having to remind myself to just breathe:
  • I realize at the farewell party that my Sunday School class hosted that this was the last time I would be in the home of my dear friend.
  • As I'm taking the sheets off the mattress (because I just sold the nursery set), I realize that I may never have a baby in a crib again.
  • Anytime Jason says something like "Did you know that in xx number of days we'll be doing such & such?" and I have to shush him because I can't think about how many days it really is.
  • Every time a piece of furniture leaves and my home is more and more becoming a house again.
  • Saying "See you later" to a Christian friend & realizing that I probably should have said "Goodbye.  Have a nice life.  See you in heaven."
Just breathe.

Jonah & Gideon (in orange) with their buddies at our last playdate

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  1. Wait, wait, dear friend, for his mercy and grace. It will come like the rain. And remember, there is always, always, blessing in obedience. There are no exceptions to that promise.