Saturday, April 2, 2011


I had a rare treat today.  I got to work in my flower beds 3 different times.  Gardening is soooo therapeutic!!  I mostly have irises with just a few lilies.  I'm not a pro by any means, but I do come from a long line of blue ribbon, award winning iris growers.  I cannot see an iris without thinking about my mother & grandmothers.

I really related today to my irises that I was working in.  Irises are basically impossible to kill & can grow anywhere.  They can be uprooted and replanted just about anywhere.  Within a couple of years they will have bloomed just as beautiful as before.  They also multiply like crazy.  Occasionally, you have to dig them up, pull them apart from the other irises around them, trim off their feet (extra bulb that they don't need anymore) & replant them all alone away from the other irises.

You see where I'm going with this, right? :-)  I am God's iris.  At this point in my growth, He knows that I needed to be uprooted, pruned & set apart in order to keep blooming.  (Audible sigh)  And even though I don't really like any of that process, I know that God always has my best in mind.

(Side note:  Jason is reading his letter of resignation to our church tomorrow.  No more secrets.  Posting this blog to FB.  Ahhh!)

My iris garden in full bloom

"Buisson de Roses"


  1. Oh, what a beautiful and heartwarming analogy. I so thank God for you.
    Next Sunday we are starting "31 days of praying for your pastor's wife". If you want to see what we are praying, go to

  2. I love the analogy also, and the word picture. I once wrote a blog about a lump of clay. I was watching my Preschoolers play with playdough. They were all pounding on it, pulling it apart..saying words like..poke, poke, roll, roll, and when they were all finished, they saw a beautiful form, something they created, that they felt was beautiful.

    So it made me think of us being the clay, and Him the potter..and at times its, pound, pound, stretch, stretch, poke, poke, but in the process, something beautiful is formed.

  3. I have teared up frequently since reading J's letter in teh bulletin. God has really placed it on my heart to pray for you guys. You are moving to my fav. place & I pray you find a wonderful home there. You will be so missed, no matter how infrequently I am around LOL. Blessings, my flowery friend!!!

  4. Seattle's irises and rhododendrons are quite spectacular, and you will wow your neighbors with your gardening skills. Next April, plan to travel 45 minutes north and be blown away by the Skagit Valley tulip fields.