Monday, April 4, 2011

To Market, To Market...

Anybody want to buy a house? :-)

The realtor came today to discuss plans for putting the house on the market.  I realize too late that I chose the wrong career.  Six percent!  Really?!  I'm sure it's really not as much money as I think, but six percent?!

We spent the better part of last night & this morning cleaning like crazy.  And I have to say (thanks to Ashley for keeping the boys!), that the house looked fabulous.  I don't want to mention how many piles were stuck places, but it looked great!  Exhausting, but great.

The realtor suggested we paint the kitchen (big shocker!) and a couple of other odds & ends.  So now we are wrestling with whether to sell the house with him or sell it ourselves.  I'd love comments/suggestions for either side.  And no, we're not considering renting it out if it doesn't sell.  Did I mention we bought this house right before the bubble burst?! (Audible sigh).  But at least we will only be losing thousands, not tens of or hundreds of like so many others have.  And that is something to end this day thankful for.

p.s. Just wanted to brag on my husband a little & show you before & after pictures.  He did have some help, but did the majority of it he did by himself. (And yes, there is carpet on the floor & wallpaper on the ceiling in the "before" pic)

Main bathroom (before)

Main bathroom (after)


  1. You are definitely in my prayers. If there's anything that Randy and I can do to help, please let us know. We've made two different moves in the last 10 years that involved looking for an apartment online so we've been there. We're very excited to see what God has for our church and for your family.

  2. GASP! I never saw the bathroom redo!!! Great job J! Praying it all works out well for you guys.

  3. Well, there are only two words to describe Jason's design skills.


    Does he hire out, ever?